What you Need to Know about Dark Knight Slots

The movie ‘the Dark Knight’ was released in 2008 and it was a big hit. It sold so many copies worth billions of dollars and it is still a very popular film that one can watch over and over without getting bored. Nothing could have been better than having Batman brought into the world of […]

Win with Dark Knight Free Spins

This 243-way slot features great animations, graphics and a soundtrack that is not just of high quality but also very authentic. Players will have a thrilling yet exciting gaming experience accompanied by relevant sound. Feedback has been that people love to play Dark Knight slot and this is backed up by the fact that it […]

The Best of Dark Knight Slot Machines

This slot allows players to choose the character they want to mimic when playing the game; either the Joker or Batman. From the random appearance of either the Joker or Batman to reward the player with bonus credits to expanding wilds on the reels, there is so much in store for players within the Dark […]

The Rise of the Dark Knight in the Gambling World

This excellent game was developed from the film that hit the cinemas, the Dark Knight. Its release was long awaited for and true to its promise, it did not disappoint. Just like the movie that hit across all the corners of the earth, the Dark Knight slot machine has taken the online gambling world by […]

Win a Jackpot thanks to Dark Knight

The game hailed as being one of the most exciting of 2012, the Dark Knight slot machine, comes with no paylines and has 243 ways of winning. It has five reels and plenty of exciting features. The wild symbol of the game is represented by the icon Batman. Moreover, there is a stacked wild feature […]

The Comeback of the Dark Knight Jackpot

Dark Knight contains five reels and two hundred and forty three ways of winning. This slot game is created by Microgaming  and it is based on the Dark Knight film which enjoyed such success. The Dark Knight slot is for experienced and novice players as it has a range of betting sizes that allow the […]

Have Fun and Stand the Chance to Win with Batman

There are a lot of people who greatly loved the adventures of the legendary Batman. With the addition of this game in the gambling world, players are guaranteed maximum fun. Dark Knight slots come with great uniqueness and thus are a game for those who want to win and have lots of fun in the […]

Massive Wins with Dark Knight slots

This is a game that comes with the promise of great entertainment based on the famous Batman story. It will appeal to you no doubt because of the quality that sets it apart; has no paylines. Despite this feature, the Dark Knight slot machine offers you up to 243 ways of winning. Moreover, it has […]

Amazing jackpots with Dark Knight slot game

With the theme of the all time revered Batman story, the this wonderful and adventurous game gives you all the reasons to try it. The product of Microgaming, this slot game has no paylines. This is an outstanding quality that does not dampen the enjoyment you get from gaming or the cash you stand to […]

The Best Gaming Experience with Dark Knight Slot

This game is among the best progressive jackpots available in online casinos that guarantees gamblers a great experience in their plays and even reward for all their winnings. Featuring various Cinematic spins, Dark Knight slots are 243-way casino games that are very entertaining. Players have access to various bonuses and symbols that increases their chances […]