Win with Dark Knight Free Spins

Posted on March 01, 2013

This 243-way slot features great animations, graphics and a soundtrack that is not just of high quality but also very authentic. Players will have a thrilling yet exciting gaming experience accompanied by relevant sound. Feedback has been that people love to play Dark Knight slot and this is backed up by the fact that it is still very popular among players since its release last year.

This comic inspired slot allows players to pose as either Batman the superhero and save the city of Gotham or the Joker as one of the villains determined to destroy this great city. During every spin, players get to see a clip lifted directly from the original movie being played to make the game fun. In addition to this, scenes from the film are also showcased whenever a player makes a win that involves one of the characters that are cast in the original film. Players get to experience how it feels to be a superhero with the capability of jumping from one edge of a building down onto the roof a parked car.

In addition to the quality high density graphics, bonuses, symbols as well as jackpots featured in the slot as mentioned above, players also have access to 15 Dark Knight free spins. This is the slot to play when one seeks cash prizes, fun or entertainment as well as an experience that is so memorable they will go back for more.