The Rise of the Dark Knight in the Gambling World

Posted on February 01, 2013

This excellent game was developed from the film that hit the cinemas, the Dark Knight. Its release was long awaited for and true to its promise, it did not disappoint. Just like the movie that hit across all the corners of the earth, the Dark Knight slot machine has taken the online gambling world by storm. Players receive great surprises in the game, making it very enjoyable. Though they get the chance to play Batman to save the dark city Gotham, players also have an option to play the comic character, the Joker. His role in the game just like in the movie, is to take down the enemies (gangsters) who are terrorizing the residents of the city.

The only difference between this slot and its counterpart, the movie, is that players get a role in action-packed game and thus get to experience how it feels to be Batman. They also have so much fun chasing the enemies while winning so much cash prizes with chances of winning any of the four jackpot prizes that are both random and progressive. Players also have access to fifteen Dark Knight free spins that not only enable them to win more cash but also access certain bonus features available on specific pay lines on the reel. The game leave no room for players to get bored with its beautiful graphics, sound effects as well as the game’s general environment. Fans of Batman will always go back for more free action offered by this game even after it comes to an end.