The Dark Knight Rises Slot

The long-awaited Dark Knight Rises slot is finally here, and it’s completely blown us away! For all you Batman fans, you won’t be disappointed with the effort that’s gone into making the brand-new Dark Knight Rises slot. It’s graphically stunning, thrilling and is jam-packed with features to boost your bank balance in every way possible!

The cast of characters accurately recreates the feeling of the film; the beautiful and charming Marion Cotillard makes an appearance as Miranda Tate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is John Blake and Commissioner Gordon is played by the veteran star Gary Oldman. But of course, for fans of the movie the real battle is between the fearsome Bane, who makes an impact in his terrifying mask, and everyone’s favourite hero, Batman.

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The Dark Knight Rises slot machine is a 5-reel video slot with 243 ways to win, and hosts a range of inventive features all designed to help you get the cash!

Expanding Wilds
Just like in the original Dark Knight slot, the Dark Knight Rises has a wild symbol with a twist or two! Expanding wilds fill the whole reel, greatly increasing your chances of forming a winning combination.

Dark Knight Rises Split Wilds
The all-new split wilds function splits the wild into two and can result in a six of a kind win. A win with six of a kind pays out double the payout of five of a kind!

Symbol Scramble
You’ve no longer got any reason to feel sad if you spin and you don’t win, because this can trigger the Symbol Scramble. This nifty feature scrambles all the symbols on the screen to create the best possible winning combination, turning that sinking feeling into a winning smile!

The Dark Knight Rises Free Spins Accumulator
Comparisons with the hugely popular Dark Knight slot are inevitable, and one of the best features that people see when they play Dark Knight slot is the random prize generator, which takes form as Batman or the Joker step onto the screen in full video-quality animation. The Dark Knight Rises slot takes it one step further by having Batman and Bane fight each other. On any non-winning spin, the pair can step onto the screen and battle it out with each other – and you can accumulate the free spins and multipliers.

Free Spins Feature
You trigger the Free Spins feature by spinning three or more scatter symbols. You then must make the choice of whether to play the spins out as Bane or Batman – each side carries unique features like Rolling Reels with Super Stacked Wilds, or the Extra Wild Blast with Heat Seeking Wilds. Each is guaranteed to take your breath away – and to reward you with plenty of coins!

There are ten free spins in the feature, but you can accumulate extra when you watch Bane and Batman fight.

We’re incredibly excited that the Dark Knight Rises slot is finally here and invite you to grab a fantastic deal from one of our partners to give it a go. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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